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  • What is a Giclee print
    Giclee prints are printed on inkjet printers - these reproduce even the finest details of the original artwork while being far more cost effective than lithographs .
  • Where can i buy your original paintings ?
    Currently Originals can be bought direct from the artist or through the Whitewall galleries which are located around the UK
  • Can i commission a painting ?
    Yes of course ! Please contact us direct to discuss your requirements with Nick and he will be happy to help bring to life your dream painting .
  • Does resin discolor ?
    All paintings , wether resin coated or not will be affected by the UV in sunlight and some light fixtures , resin is affected by turning yellow when exposed to UV light . Nick uses the very best quality art resin for his pieces - there is no product on the market that is more resistant to yellowing but they will still gradually colour if left in sunlight or flourescent light . With todays resin technology this is unavoidable but rest assured the resin Nick uses will give your piece the very longest clear life possible , samples have been tested to not yellow after two or more years , this is ongoing fo they could stay crytal clear for many more years.
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